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Great story and well done short game ^_^

Very cryptic. I like how you can spot the guy sometimes during the playthrough.

Nice setup for what would lead to a revenge story of a man who was never, brought to justice, which is my kind of story. Short and sweet experience 1st game I played in my recent video :D


I played a lot of horror games on my channel this has to one of the best I played awesome job hope to see more games by you 10/10

Was a short but a good one! I would say just a bit more additional sound queues would have went a LONG long way.. but was still enjoyable as Spoopy as compared to Spooky.
And please, give us time to read the last note.. maybe trigger the next sequence when a player clicks on the note. Thanks for making this!

Who is on the Radio?!
Random Scary Games - Cryptic Case 


Shot game but simple nice!

Awesome short little game.  Thanks for creating it, I really enjoyed playing it.  Here is my walkthrough/playthrough.  I was too slow at the end to read the final note :)  



I enjoyed it, keep it up! 

Love this game CBA

Too Scary for my heart but nice and good game 

nice game

This game  had a horror comedic feel. I really enjoyed it . At one point it took me forever to find a key :) Still a fun game, great job ! Your game is last and starts at 15:42 

Short horror game that might have progressed a bit too fast, but the nervousness of the dark is still there and a cool storyline to keep it going. Thank you for making this! 1st Game.

This was awesome! I had so much fun playing this. Highly recommend this game! Please sub to my channel if you like this video! Thanks guys!
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I like it! I thought the game would be longer. Anyways what a plot twist haha 

Good job. I like it!!

Great game, enjoyed it!!

Nice game

Comments below clip;

Working late at night always incurs being on your own [most of the time]. Throw in vague voices, all sorts of noises and you'll find yourself emerged in 'Cryptic Case,' trying to solve a mystic mystery. Do I succeed?

Have a look at it.

@ DEVs; didn't run into any hiccups, bugs or snags. So, kudos to all of you :o]

I am a sucker for "late night worker" horror. My job is a bit creepy at night too lol

Full Play No Commentary 

I play your game at 14:09. Great graphics and you were able to create a really tense atmosphere in a short game. Loved it.

Check out my video, sub if you enjoy :)

Here is my gameplay of this and couple other games.

Do a  prompt on screen telling you the controls... especially the flashlight  Because I ran around like an idiot for far too long and it broke immersion IMO

the voice over in this game is wonderful i wonder if Emmet is a voice over actor ?

case animatronics 3??????

i really liked this it had creppy playthrough no jumpscare and really nice story to it 


I think this game was really good and has room to grow, enjoyed playing it and I can't wait to see what you do next
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This game has its ups and downs. The upside being that the game runs 60fps, and the downside being the rest of the game. You have to go from room to room and read all the notes on the table (which is fine, of course there is nothing inherently wrong with that), but at the end of the game, you have these 2 characters explain everything. Do I think the game was worth playing? Yes. But I'm sorry, the pointless running around didn't need to happen.

But since this is your first complete game, and you're a single developer, I will say it is good. It honestly is really well made for your first game, but just try to make sure in the future (if you do put more notes on paper), that the entire game isn't explained at the end. I will give you a 10/10 for the storyline though, it was really unique! And the voice acting was also really well done, it honestly sounded more believable than 99% of the voice lines on this website. It actually sounded like you were going through this situation yourself, so well done!

Being a cop is probably stressful enough, why you gotta go and make it more stressful?? Lol, good stuff, Tuxseagull!

Timestamp in description!

gotta love this game very simple but good love the story


This was a very creepy revenge story. Great work! 


hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 🙏😘

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Why, on this platform, do video games with a dark atmosphere enjoy such popularity?


really enjoyed this, had me gripped and wanting to know more, really good atmosphere as well 

Great game 



I love the investigation type games and especially if they are connected to horror! Truly neat experience and well made game! 

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